Thursday, January 29, 2009

top 7 tips for investment.....

1. First and foremost, invest in yourself or in you and your family.

2. Allocate your nest egg simply and practically.

Decide on a level of risk diversification that fits your sleep index, i.e. that allows you to sleep well at night even when the markets are going a little crazy.

3. Decide to mainly invest in either bargain stocks or in a few good growth and income mutual funds, not both.

4. If comfortable making stock picks, every other week select and buy the the best classic value asset you can find.

5. Do not worry about a target MARKET value for your stocks portfolio. Insist on a target equity BOOK value instead.

The market performs at times almost randomly and at others emotionally, reacting with wild positive and negative swings to relatively minor stimuli. As such, it is undependable except in the long-term, when happily the trend is upward. But one can buy stocks in such a way as to insure desired levels of book value (essentially net asset value).

6. Consider adding regularly, for instance with every paycheck.

7. Pay off debts faster than you acquire them.

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