Friday, October 19, 2018

Cost overburden for change of City/ State names

Changing the city names should be avoided wherever it is necessary. Some might react to my statement emotionally but practically the cost involved in changing the name is enormous and such funds can rather be used creatively to improve the city infrastructure and to provide basic amenities. I believe one such recent action by a state government was really unnecessary considering the current plight state of the state, which is in severe need of some government initiatives around job creation. To summarize, Total cost for changing the name of city or state is exorbitant and sometimes it may be 200 to 300 crore. Changing the city name brings with it a lot of overhead and taxpayers money. some of them include but not limited to: Road signage, maps, official stationery of state and civic agencies, shops, businesses, corporate offices in the city would be required to adhere to a name change notification. In addition, thousands of productive hours of our very honest and hard working government executives goes towards preparing the proposals and presentations for it. Cost of making arrangements for the sessions in Vidhan Sabha and creating unanimity by asking all elected members to be physically present to vote is another bigger expense, which easily takes out 5-10 days of their time. As per estimates, Orissa's recent name change to Odisha cost the public exchequer a whopping 300 crores. The common man, who is paying huge taxes to get basic amenities from the government, should stand shoulder to shoulder to oppose such, rather deemed unnecessary actions by the government and ask them to focus on some productive initiatives which can lead to the betterment of the society.